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Dino War Machine - A Hans Meevis Sculpture



The Dino War Machine is a fierce protector against the forces of darkness and destruction. Without hesitation he will enforce the peace be it against alien or human. Since creation of man there has been war and mayhem. The Dino War Machine found out that the background to war is two thousand years of oppression with malice, imperialism under a cultural banner, economic exploitation for the gain of the Logo, torture of the innocent, sexual tyranny for the cause of lust and the cult of greed genetically imprinted to the point of insanity.

The Construction
The start. The basic legs are finished to the point that I carry on with the body head and tail. Lot's still have to be cleaned up, like solder removed and fine sanding and polishing to be done. The trick at this stage is to get everything in proportion. Even though the head is still a little bit big, I know that it will be filed down later, so that is not a problem. The flanges and screws are still to be carved and filed. Lot's more detail to be added.

This shows the battle ground adjustments that can be carried out by this machine.
In this picture it is fine tuning the plasma receptor.


More cleaning, polishing and re-assembly
The back is going to have energy conducting spines.
And a phased array of syncro conducing replicators.
These are the power generators of this machine, once it is finished being crafted by my hands and I declare it fully born and released to this world.

The outer tips are based on the Trioxinol Five theory, which dictates that all plans for war change when war commences.


The eyes were very difficult to get right. I made them seven times over. In onyx, then perspex then gold, then 3 different silver shapes, until I got this one. Eventually I settled on blackening them with Liver of Sulphur, and screwing them on with a 14kt gold screw. The screw key made a nice 'cat eye' effect, I thought.



Edge of completion.

First I had to make brass spikes that denoted only horror and pain. Eight in all, for all the winds of agony that blow from each corner of the compass. Then copper petals I forged with hammer and heat so that the beautiful flower could crawl into the heads of the guilty and pierce even their darkest dreams with agony poison on it’s spikes. Spikes?----- There is nothing guilty about these spikes in the front. They guard the Dino war machine with love. They remove his higher functions when it is time to fight. They cause the Dino war machine to survive. And  the spikes show him the deep truth about war. Once you open the doors of war, the dark beast is let out, and you will suffer for it.
You will not find a way back easily.
And when you come back, because sooner or later you have to, you will be changed and torn and unround.


There will be many a waning moon that passes, before the mountain streams murmur around you again and sunshine dapples the water in your sad eyes….   



And that is why I had to make a cage for him-- to keep him from us, the weak and foolish. He would kill us all if I let him loose, to take action against human nature of  war, oppression, economic exploitation,  torture and greed.

Dino War Machine - A Hans Meevis Sculpture

Handmade  metal sculpture

Size : 400 x 250 x 150 cm


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