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Hans Meevis - The Designer

The Designer of Jewelry, Sculptures and Objets D'Art

From as far back as I can remember, I had a love for working with my hands.
Tinkering, taking broken - or not, things apart to discover "why" it broke and how it could be fixed.
To this day, no broken electronic or mechanical equipment is discarded, before I have thoroughly
taken it apart and declared it unsalvageable. I guess it started there. The fact, that I come
from a long lineage of watchmakers must have contributed to my abilities.

My tinkering and interests continued to expand throughout my teenage years, which is when I was introduced to gem cutting. Coaxing scintillating reflections to reveal true beauty out of something so rough is exhilarating. 

But I wanted more for my gemstones. To find a complimentary surround... justify the beauty thereby causing a natural transition for me to learn goldsmithing. It was the perfect fit combining all my interests. Stimulating my hand skills in a highly technical field and at the same time satisfying to my creativity and artistic instincts. Coupled to the fact that I developed a vivid imagination from my love for science fiction books.

Over the years, I continued to push the boundaries of my skills by moving from one genre to another and back again. Form and function are the most important to me, whether I create intricate Jewelry pieces, Mechanical Art Sculptures or work on Objets D'Art. To me, no material has any limits. I merge any and all materials into a fused unit. I love mixing and matching opposing and complementary colours.

I never tire of sitting behind my bench working. Many happy hours are spent in my workshop.

Art sculptures by Hans Meevis


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