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I am heavily influenced by form and function. I have always had a fascination with miniatures. The hand skills I acquired as a goldsmith are usefully applied in my sculptures. Add to that a need to continually push the boundaries of my skill set and that I'm an avid reader of science fiction is a source of inspiration that lies behind my art creations - sculptures.

      Dino War Machine Sculpture      
Ptero Bow   Fodiator Bow    Dragon Bow     Dino War Machine   Cannon Bow   Palindrome Cannon
Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture
The Chief Commander of the Insect World commissioned Hans Meevis, to build a fighter machine against the ongoing war with the Dinosaurs. Hidden arsenal includes......more about the creation
             Size: 500 x 460 mm


Antikythera Mother of Dragons Sculpture
Antikythera Mother of Dragons Sculpture
Fiercely protective over her dragon babies and the jewel holder.
           Size: 500 x 500 mm



Fodiator Bow
Fodiator is the Genera of one of the seven types of flying fish in the world.....more about the creation
    Size: 300 x 170 x 120 mm



Ptero Bow Sculpture
Ptero Bow
The Ptero Bow, fierce protector of the nest egg, guarding the next generation......more about the creation
     Size: 400 x 500 x 400 mm



Nest Wall Sculpture
Nest - Interactive Wall Sculpture
Nest with a stylized Hummingbird as the star, it's iridescent blue titanium shimmering as it hovers over the flower.  Explore the riches of nature and hidden treasures in  Nest......more about the creation
             Size: 640 x 500 mm



Birth interactive wall Sculpture
Birth - Interactive Wall Sculpture
Birth has hidden secrets, carried close to her heart. More will be revealed in the egg cup......more about the creation
           Size: 550 x 600 mm


Palindrome Cannon Sculpture
Palindrome---Alluding to the movement of crabs........more info
    Size: 550 x 550 x 400 mm


Cannon Bow
A Cannon Bow .......seven quarrels...represent the end of seven deadly sins.....more about the creation
     Size: 300 x 170 x 120 mm


Dragon Bow
This functioning bow rests in the belly of the dragon. The protector of truth. It shoots bolts of truth and honesty......
more details
         Size: 450 x 420 x 380 mm


Dragon's Breath
This sculpture contemplates the symbiotic relationship of air transformed into energy which in turn creates life force. The Dragon's Breath forces air / steam into the oscillating Steam Engine, which in turn incubates the dragon's eggs as the rest of the dragon family guard and protect the new life form. ........further description

Size : 90 x 80 x 60 cm   



           Dino War Machine Sculpture

Dino War Machine
A sculpture linking the pre-historic to futuristic, being the Protector against all evil and darkness, who takes action against war, oppression, economic exploitation, torture and greed....
more info
Size : 450 x 250 x 15060 cm     


Miniature oscillating Steam Engine


Miniature oscillating Steam Engine
Size : 35 x 20 mm    

How the miniature oscillating steam engine (Cubic Zirconia Wobbler) was made - click for pdf download


Gear Gun

Gear Gun sculpture by Hans Meevis
Gear Gun
On the one side of our galaxy are the race known as the Barbarians. A carnivorous reptilian species that think of human beings as food. On the other side is us--the food source.
In the middle are the outsiders, a inter galactic task force that has been sent here from other galaxies to prevent the destruction of the human race. They are slowly loosing the battle. But one thing that can change everything is the GEAR GUN.
Read more......
Size : 300 x 450 mm   



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