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Dragonfly Fighter - A Fantasy Sculpture

Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture with Cabin

Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture from the top view

Dragonfly Fighter with Side Guns

Mandibles of the Dragonfly Fighter

The pilot at teh control steering Dragonfly Fighter

Dragonfly Fighter transporting attack larvae

Pilot Controls Dragonfly Fighter

If insects have subjective experiences, there is much more consciousness in the world than we may have thought, because there are, according to an estimate from the Smithsonian Institution, some 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects alive at any one time.

I was honoured when the Chief Commander of the Insect World commissioned me to build the Dragonfly Fighter for the force against the ongoing war with the Dinosaurs.


        Dragonfly Fighter combat ready

The Dragonfly Fighter ready for combat.

The Construction           
Starting with the concept on the drawing board.


Dragonfly Fighter Dawing Concept
I am going for the flat window military look.

So I made the window struts out of halfround stock.

The wings will be finished off at the top and the bottom with the brass edging.

 Dragon Fighter Sculpture being built startingwith cabin and wings

I used an egg to get the separate panel shape for the first joint in the body.

Soldering them together.

They have to be precisely done or the egg shape is lost.

Then the head is pre-shaped with cardboard.


Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture developing the tail and head 

Next up, is the development of the head and feet. A lot of detail is added to the leg structure.

Balance, balance....


Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture - Developing the head and feet


And detail, detail.....

Intricate embellishments draw the eye into the sculpture. 

The detail shown in this machine gun video.

Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture showing the intricate detailed parts

The eyes are always the most difficult. After several attempts they came alive.

I colored the titanium background and made two cups that hold the orange glass bead which screws into the head. That holds the silver surround and titanium background all together.

Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture - The Eyes
Taking my fantasy to another level with making the Alien Pilot. His emphasized ribcage,  bangles and rings and titanium eyes with a crown of spikes make him a creature to be reckoned with.

The pilot is 75mm tall and can be removed, to be worn as a pendant.

The cabin is fitted with purpose designed pilot chair seated so the controls are all within easy reach of his four arms.



Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture - Alien Pilot & Pendant

Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture - Closeup details of the alien pilot

The cabin was by far the most difficult component of the Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture, that I made.

Cutting that glass, drilling the hole in the glass and tightening it with screws was a delicate operation.

All I got to do now is disassemble it for the 20 millionth time, blue the spikes and calm down before I re-assemble it again.

Over 95 hours of time spent on it.


Dragonfly Fighter Cockpit Cabin Assembly

Dragonfly Fighter Cockpit Pilot View

The force shield protecting the pilot. Dragonfly Fighter Cockpit Cabin

900 hours of work.

722 different handmade parts. I exclude standard screws and bolts.

The weight is just under 2kg.

Metals: Silver, brass, copper iron, and titanium.

Non-metals, Glass and amethyst gemstones.




Dragonfly Fighter Sculpture with cockpit cabin closed

Dragonfly Fighter - a Hans Meevis Creation

Handmade  fantasy art sculpture

Size : 500 x 460 x 200 mm


Video Link : 360 view of the Dragonfly Fighter

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