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Marina Cay Pendant

The commission of this Larimar pendant has the most amazing story behind it.
It is based on a true life story which was made into a movie. The privately
owned island, called Marina Cay can be found north-east of the British Virgin
Island's capital Tortola.  
To keep the story short, a young couple Robb and Rhodie White, settled on
Marina Cay in the late thirties as a young married couple. The island was all but
deserted. They did however have a magnificent brass bed brought to the
island. Whilst Robb was writing books, Rhodie went about building their    
house. This house today, has become the library for the few guest cottages.
They also have a gift shop, that sells copies of the 1958 movie called
"Virgin Island" starring a very young Sydney Poitier. This movie is based on the
Robb and Rhodie White story.
Our customers saw this movie fifty years ago, leaving an indelible impression.
Doing their own research over the years, they have pieced together most of
original story. For further authentication and getting in the spirit they visited
Marina Cay Island. To their astonishment they found that most of the history of
the island was lost to the new generation. It is now their mission to tie all the
loose ends together and write a factual book on the White's and Marina Cay.
We will post a link of the book, once it is available. More information on
on Marina Cay can be found at
Hans was given carte-blanche on his artistic interpretation. The brief was that
the Larimar stone must be the shape of the island and a brass bed must be on
the reverse side. To prepare for this commission we watched the movie. As an
added twist symbolic treasures were hidden on the pendant, which had to do
with the story. They were a champagne bottle, flying pelican and a book, which
intractably links Marina Cay's past and future.
Materials:  18ct White and Yellow Gold           
                    107.5ct carved Larimar
                    0.25ct Diamond
Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm
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Tel: +(31) 646 77 6214

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