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Jewelry Catalog - Complete Picture Catalog

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  Sculptures - Objets D'Art

Jewelry Catalog - Launch of Art Rings and Fall Collection




18ct Ring with a carved Aquamarine and diamonds.  detail   18ct Yellow Gold blued Titanium carved Aquamarine pendant -  detail   18ct Ring with a carved Aquamarine and  diamonds.  detail

  Diamond designer ring by Hans Meevis  

14ct Gold and Sterling Silver Titanium Bangle with an Emerals Centred Amethyst   detail 18ct White and Yellow Gold designer Ring with Diamonds- SOLD  14ct Gold and Sterling Silver Titanium Bangle set with an Amethyst  -  detail
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Jewelry Catalog Update - Latest Jewelry Designs

  Contact us     Our studio continuously busies itself with the creation of new jewelry.
   Address     Updates will be published on a regular basis to this page, and on
      Jewelry Trends. Remember to bookmark our Jewelry Catalog page as your favourites!
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Jewelry Catalog - Use for Custom Designs

      The Jewelry Catalog showcases our ability in jewelry design and technical
      competence. Our strength lies in that we interpret your ideas into reality.
      Designs in the Jewelry Catalog can be used as a foundation to create your
      one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. Select the essence of the design you like. From
      there we can suggest change in colour, shape or size to suit your style. Read
      more about Order Jewelry - Jewelry made to order  or see samples our 
      Custom Designed Jewelry. Feel free to contact us for
      jewelry design suggestions at 
      -, ---- NL  -
Tel: +(31) 646 77 6214
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