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Nest - The Interactive Wall Sculpture

Nest Wall Sculpture

Nest Wall Sculpture - Hummingbird and Flower

Nest Wall Sculpture unfolding Flower
Nest is a tribute to nature in all it's vibrant colours ,reflected particularly in the iridescent blue titanium, the fascinating creatures and nurturing environment with hidden treasures to be found for the beholder with an observing eye and reflective silence. The Hummingbird Ring and Hummingbird Pendant within which three eggs are hidden protectively. The Spider Brooch tending it's web. Nature is perfect in it's creation.

Nest Sculpture includes this Titanium Hummingbird Ring

Nest Wall Sculpture has hidden a Spider Brooch

Nest Wall Sculpture - Spider Brooch waiting on the Web

Nest Wall Sculpture has hidden this blue Titanium  Hummingbird Pendant


The Construction           
Nest Wall Sculpture - The Origin
This is an interactive sculpture that has three separate pieces of jewellery which are part of the sculpture, but can be worn separately.
I had this idea of making a stylistic hummingbird that would be sipping from a flower.
As always, I start with an idea, but I don't set it in concrete, because as I progress, the form, the function and other ideas inevitably evolve in a different direction, always.
One constant is the mechanical work, so I start there with a vague shape.
Nest Wall Sculpture - Blue Titanium Wings
From the beginning, I decided that I was going to use a lot of titanium, mostly blued with heat, my favourite colour of all. Titanium is a technically complex metal to work with and takes three times as long to finish off.
The titanium sheeting was cut to size to be inlaid into a brass border forming the three wings.
Nest Wall Sculpture - Blue Titanium Feathers

The collar is set with multi-coloured gems and the 'bib is made out of titanium. The titanium feathers are carefully shaped, then engraved and heated in the oven to 550C to get the iridescent blue colour. From the titanium feather extend tapered brass tail feathers.

Nest Wall Sculpture -The Nest Details
Here the basic design of nest is being thrashed out. I made several versions before I settled on this one. This is where the pendant will reside. I wanted it to have a glass lid. Much thought goes into the intricate details -  there to be discovered and enthral the observer.
Nest Wall Sculpture - the Flower Design Process
With experience one develops a hard earned ability to step away from a project and acknowledge when some aspect does not gel with the overall objective - a flexible mind is imperative in the design development illustrated in the remaking of the flower.
I wanted to have the flower open up to reveal a ring inside which would be easy to remove. That required hinges on each petal.
Nest Wall Sculpture - Flower Detail

The beauty of a flower is deserving of many intricate details - the enamelled Hummingbirds - the brass inner petals and the stamen looking catch. The Nest Ring is hidden in the flower petals.

Nest Wall Sculpture - Frame and final positioning

The frame is made out of steel tubing. I stick to the golden rectangle or there about with particular attention paid to ease of installation on a wall.
This is the time when I plan the final positioning and vine shapes in relation to the size of the overall sculpture.
The background metal is painted with an acrylic using a mixture of  Windsor Blue and Black. The frame is being painted with an egg shell black enamel and then I gilded the inside.

Nest Wall Sculpture - Titanium Hummingbird Ring Components

The theme continued from the wall sculpture to the jewelry pieces which embodies a miniature wearable sculpture. The ring is shaped from a solid piece of titanium. The lower right images shows all the 18ct gold components that form part of the Nest Titanium Ring.  The intricate details like the enameled Hummingbird and Rose set with diamonds is is exquisitely highlighted by the blue titanium. 

Nest Wall Sculpture Sider Brooch Components
I drew out a spider master, keeping in mind that the legs appear too long but will be in proportion once bent into position. The titanium spider is then sculpted and carved with diamond burrs. Then the abdomen as well as the brooch  base is made of gold. These parts are then riveted to the titanium spider. The spider body is decorated with Rubies, Garnet, Emeralds and Diamonds
Nest Wall Sculpture the Pendant Design Process
The development of the pendant followed the same introspective path as with the flower. Stepping back and admitting that the enamel disk does not gel. Nor did the idea of viewing the Hummingbird through a square window feel right. This to and fro is  is an inherent part of an artists existence. Finally the design that feels part of the sum total - a titanium pendant with teenie itsy bitsy eggs protectively nestled in a nest
Nest Wall Sculpture - the Nest and the Web
Within Nest lies the hidden Titanium Hummingbird Pendant. In the corner the watchful eye of the Spider Brooch tends it's web

The Nest Wall Sculpture is made of Brass, Copper, Titanium, Steel, Silver and Gold. The Hummingbird eye is a 15mm faceted Amethyst with a drilled drilled in which a cabochon Garnet is set. Gemstones like Rubies, Emeralds, Diamond, Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Topaz, Citrine.



Nest Wall Sculpture with hidden Jewelry Treasures

Birth - the interactive Wall Sculpture - a Hans Meevis Creation

Handmade interactive wall art sculpture

Size : 640 x 500 mm


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