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A note from Hans
Jewelry is a medium which allows me to combine my artistic ability and technical skills. I use goldsmithing, silversmithing, wax carving, casting, gem carving, gem setting skills, which all allow me the discipline of creating pieces from start to finish. No material has any limits for me.     I merge any and all materials into a fused unit. I love mixing and matching opposing and complementary colours and materials. Organic form and it's functionality matters the most to me. Vibrant colours of gold, titanium, copper, wood, silver and even iron all have a story to tell. I love creating miniature wearable paintings in metal.  
Gemstones, raw rock, carved as the rough shape unfolds, sometimes matt, sometimes highly polished, is only something that I try to add my passion to. Iím proud and confident of my creations. Jewelry is my passion and I like making statement jewelry. When it is worn it shows people the difference and it shows the difference in them. Certainly beyond the usual!
Thoughts on Larimar -  Living and working in St. Maarten, as an artist jeweler and gemcutter, I have fallen in love with the qualities of the gemstone Larimar. The natural shape and formation inspires and guides me, to emphasize the beauty within, to bring out the elusive perfection, which all artists ultimately strive for....the art of capturing light and movement.

Larimar reflects colours of the Caribbean perfectly, quite rightly so. since Larimar is found only in the Caribbean. Looking intently at the gemstone, memories flood back od liquid pools, coloured in aqua and turqupise hues, with clear blue skies above and bright sunny light reflected on the ocean surface. The rich warm gold metal reminds me of softly coloured sunsets. A perfect treasure and reminder of the Caribbean colours, to brighten any day as it does mine.





















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