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Fodiator Bow - A Mechanical Art Sculpture








Fodiator is the Genera of one of the seven types of flying fish in the world.
I like the name.

My two design parameters - along with the shape of a flying fish and Lion fish combined with crossbow. Sounds simple in the early stages of the project. The reality however....



Demonstration of crossbow trigger mechanism.

The Construction           
The other day we were in a pet shop and I saw a Lion fish in one of the aquariums.

That sort of gave me the basic idea for a kind of retro futuristic crossbow mix of fantasy fish. (Does that make sense?)



 First, I had to make the crossbow part, because it will be hidden in the wings of the fish. I want the top to be semi open, so that the cross bow mechanism is visible

Most importantly, I defined the overall project creep????

The bow loading mechanism works properly now, and the crossbow can shoot as shown in this video



Whenever I tackle a project like this with many facets, I never complete one facet of the piece further than any other.

This principle holds true for all forms of art, also in jewelry making.





Work some on the wings, the underbelly, then back to the top. Balance, balance...


Itís all about the tail, the mouth and the eyes.


.... more  detail

Using many techniques to achieve the required result, like  delft casting the silver tooth.

Eyes are always the most difficult thing to balance.

What did work eventually was a amethyst set in in a cone shaped silver tube.

The tube has been heavily engraved with a ball frazer and then the engraved part was blackened with liver of sulphur.

Dudeócheck out that look.




Now for the Big mission..... stabilizing everything.

The Fodiator bow is undergoing final take- apart- and- polish- and clean- and- stabilizing

I have learnt the hard way. ....meticulously take section by section apart. Number it and keep separated, unless you feel like taking another year putting the puzzle back together again.



Remember fish can fly.

Now for the stand.

I carved two mirror image stand holders for casting in Delft sand.

The steel is heavy enough so that nothing moves around when you tension the bow.


Three months work.

Over three hundred separate pieces.

In this piece I concentrated on the three colours of metals, with a large emphasis on copper.

I love the colours of gold and copper together.



Fodiator Bow - functioning bow in sculptural form - a Hans Meevis Creation

Handmade  mechanical art sculpture

Size : 400 x 300 x 320 mm


Video Link : view Fodiator Bow in action

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