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Larimar Stone

Larimar Stone of the Caribbean

Larimar stone is nowhere else to be found in the world, other than a 2 kilometer area in the Caribbean. The inaccessible mountain region of the Barahona Province, in the Dominican Republic, is the only source. This very rare stone aptly mirrors the sky and waters of the Caribbean.

Larimar Stone - Jewelry Designs

We let Larimar speak to us in designing and shaping gold around the gemstone. Gold has to take on the shape and accentuate the colours, not the other way round. In our Larimar Jewelry we emphasize the extraordinary beauty of this rare gemstone which embodies the blue sea and sky of the Caribbean.

  Larimar Stone and Diamond Ring by Hans Meevis

Blue-green Larimar stone Pendant with dolphin on the reverse 18ct composite metal pendant with a carved Larimar stone in the shape of St. Martin

Larimar Bespoke Jewelry

Whilst browsing you saw a Larimar Jewelry item, which you just love, but it has been marked "SOLD". Don't despair.  We could create a similar Larimar pendant or ring  with some variation especially for you.
This pendant was a commission based on a book which was turned into a movie dating mid-century. The love story plays out in the Caribbean. We watched the movie which inspired us to incorporate surprise elements and symbolism like a bed and champagne bottle into the design.


Larimar Stone  - Facts   

Chemical Composition: NaCa2Si3O8(OH) Hydrated sodium calcium silicate coloured by copper, which is also known as Pectolite .

Specific Gravity: 2.74 - 2.88

Durability: 5.0 - 6.5

Crystal structure: Triclinic


   Larimar stone - rough and polished

Larimar Stone - History
Tribes long knew of this aqua-blue stone that they found on the beach. Some older houses were built, using Larimar stone to decorate walls. In 1974, Larimar was officially discovered and named by an American Peace Corps Volunteer Norman Rilling and a Dominican, Miguel Mendez. Miguel combined the name for the sea-blue stone from his daughters name "Larissa" and the Spanish word for sea "mar" - Larimar.                      

Larimar Stone - Mining
Larimar stone is formed by gases pushing up crystallized minerals through volcanic tubes. All mining is done by hand. The better quality Larimar stone is found deep in the mine. Only 3 percent is gem quality. In gem-cutting, between 60 to 80 percent is cut away keeping only the best gem quality Larimar.

Larimar Stone - Metaphysical Properties
Larimar's powers are believed to heal the heart and throat area  and supported by the bodies natural healing process. Energy radiating from Larimar represents love and healing.





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