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Larimar Jewely     

Larimar Art Jewelry

Larimar stone is only found in the Caribbean. This vary rare stone, beautifully mirrors the sky and waters surrounding the Caribbean.

Hans applies his gem-cutting skills to shape the Larimar Stone  in our all our Larimar Art Jewelry. It takes careful planning and design skill to bring out the best quality of this beautiful rare Caribbean stone. An exquisite example of Larimar Art Jewelry is this Map of St. Martin / St. Maarten Larimar Pendant that is made of carved Larimar.

Larimar Jewelry - Trendy Color

Soft shades of blue to green features strong in Jewelry Trends for the 2006 season. Strong notes of red coral give accent to the larimar jewelry. Another complimentary combination is Larimar combined with Sugilite. Our Larimar Jewelry is a reminder of sun, sand and sea and indeed the current fashionable jewelry color.

Larimar  Suite

We designed this Larimar Suite keeping the working woman in mind. This collection is playful, yet understated and classical for daily wear to the office, giving the working wardrobe an extra kick.

Larimar  - Your own design

You have fallen in love with the soft blue hues of Larimar, adding it as a must have item on your wish list.             Yet, you haven't seen the exact design that will compliment your jewelry style. We can facet a Cabochon or free-form Larimar stone to your specification and set the gemstone into a design you like.

For further ideas look at our Larimar Gold Jewelry or our Jewelry Catalog. Frequently asked questions on custom designed orders can be found at Order Jewelry







  18ct composite metal pendant with a carved Larimar stone in the shape of St. Martin  Carved Larimar Stone in the shape of St. Martin / St. Maarten.


Blue-green Larimar stone Pendant with dolphin on the reverse Color trend in Jewelry - soft blue to green.                                     Click for more details.




  Larimar suite in 18k Gold  18K gold Larimar matching suite.









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