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Jewelers Testimonial on Jewelry Tutorials

Matt's said:

Hi Hans,
I just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you freely share on your website. I've been folowing your site and blog for about a year now, and love your work! I got into goldsmithing a few years back and am mostly self taught, it's an amazing industry this one... something always new to learn! Anyways, I've been meaning to write you and thank you for a while now... just haven't got the chance. I guess, who knows why! But, I just finished my first piece of tubing following your tutorial and it turned out great! So I just had to write you.
Whats so special about this tubing though is that it's going to be used for the first custom piece that I'm selling through my new employer... an actual goldsmith! Up until now I've been doing work and selling it where I can... now it's going to be my full-time! It's been a part time passion of mine for the last few years, and now I've actually been given the chance to get into the door, and its definately in part to your wonderful tutorials!
When I get some money someday I'll have to get to the island and have a custom piece made for my partner, she loves your jewellery as well;) Anyways, just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for making a difference in my life and helping me to get to where I want to!
Thanks Hans! you've truely made a difference in my life!

Alan wrote:

Hi Hans
Just a short note to thank you for your excellent tutorial on gem caving. I've had a tough time finding the right thing (I make 'stuff' with silver clay) and have resorted to teaching myself pate de verre to take the place of carved stones, with some measure of success. My work is quite figural and I've never thought that I'd be able to carve gems - it always looked so specialised, but your tutorial has made me re-think my stance. I've just managed to carve (and completely stuff up) a cheap white opal, but the experience has been very valuable.
So, just to say 'thanks', from a fellow South African.

And from Aimee:

I have been meaning to e-mail you for some time now.  I wanted to thank you for all of your HIDI’s.  I really enjoy them.  Right now I am having difficulty with bubbles in my plique-a-jour…so I googled it…and your site popped up again.  I have been enameling for about 4 years, and trying to plique for several.  I have never gotten a "clear" firing.  Still trying.  Anyway, Thank you so much for sharing all your experience.  I LOVE how you share all of your information…not leaving out even the small things.  After all, those are the important things!!!!
I’m sure there are many more who value your HIDI’s.
Thanks a million 

I really enjoyed seeing your website and admire your work!! Have
never seen purple gold before and it is COOL! The carved purple gold is
striking. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing,

Judy in Kansas


Your site listed @ "All Things Metal Clay". I have been online now, for ages, viewing your tutorials. I am a student of metalsmithing and enjoying your unique methods and approach to the art. Not much "melting and rolling" in my classes. Loved the cast iron cooking pot repousse bowl and the variety of items you use for punches. You seem to share, with Tim
McCreight, the knack for subverting Rio in your search for straightforward, practical tools. Excellent!
So many new ideas; really I read a lot, go online, take classes but was unaware of so much of the information given in your site. Thank you- will pass your site address on to others I know in the field. Thanks also for your stance on sharing info; a rarity. What creative pieces in your gallery; the black coral designs are outstanding.
I have a couple of metalsmithing classes completed and have been playing with PMC, enamels and resins. I visited Sint Maarten in the mid 80's. Fantastic place. I remember the color of the water. Your pieces really reflect the place of their making.
Sue W

Thank you so much for your incisive demonstration. Very easily followed and I hope to be able to make one similar. Have you published a book conveying your knowledge? You should. thank you again.
Wonderful technique and results, Hans. Maybe this has been done before but I sure haven't seen it. Bravo for sharing both the concepts and the specifics!
Bravo Hans!
Your technique may not be new to everyone but it's new, and very interesting, to me. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and post this.
Trevor F.
Thanks Hans.
Nice work, great presentation and thanks for the humor and access. I agree, with your tune, "when we don't keep "secrets" we all gain something." I am in concert with your tune and it is definitly in concert with the purpose of this website.
Mr. Meevis,
I have followed your work for the last couple of months on Ganokskin and your site. I LIKE your work!
Next time I get to Sint Maarten, I'll stop in. I'm a 66 year old retired naval officer who has gone back to school. 
I was an engineer and computer scientist by education and employment, but I always felt a tug from the other side of my brain. I attend East Carolina University and have been accepted in the Metals program. You may have heard of our department head, Linda Darty author of 
The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration .
At any rate, I enjoy your site and am using it to supplement my inspiration and instruction.  Thanks for your contribution to the art.
All the best,  
I stumbled across your beatiful jewelry tutorials and just wanted to say a sincere "Thank You!" for your efforts. I'm not through reading all of them but I already I feel a bit like I've been given the privilege of peering over a master's shoulder.
I appreciate your willingness to share. I agree that information should be free and open. I used to laugh at my colleagues who were so afraid someone would learn their "secrets". The truth is that the real secret is hard work and dedication to your craft, IMHO.
(I once was a luthier, building classic guitars and lutes. I had the good fortune to apprentice with a skilled builder, and I learned a lot about what's required to do fine work. Certainly there are techniques and methods of work, but the lessons I remember most are those that are more like "life lessons". What do you do when you make a blunder and ruin a piece? How do you save it? What is the meaning of perseverance? How long will you work at something before you call it done? What is "good enough"?)
I'm retired now, and would like to explore what I can do with metal. The greatest challenge for me is sparking the creative side of my brain. In my previous endeavors I was always working with other peoples designs, so I must work out new parts of my brain.
Best wishes for your continued and well earned success.
Hi there,
I saw a post of yours on Ganoksin, and took a look at your web site. I really admire your work; innovative design, very technically challenging, and beautiful.
I'm learning to make jewelery in Toronto Canada, and hope one day to achieve the level of mastery of materials and form which your work displays.
Appreciation must also go to your web designer, and photographer. Informative, easy navigation, and beautifully photographed.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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