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Jewelry Workshop

Organizing a Jewelry Workshop

As a metalsmith you will spend many many hours in your jewelry workshop. It therefore goes without say that no effort is to big to make your workshop work for you in an optimum manner. It is a space which must inspire creativity, productivity, efficiency and comfort. A tall order to achieve. Any effort you make towards improvement will be richly rewarded.

A jewelry workshop can be fitted in a limited space at home or scaled up to large factories. What all of them have in common is that there must be a good workflow. Time and motions must be given a lot of thought. Think and plan motions on paper before settling on your final workshop lay-out.  Plan sufficient all-round access points at equipment like your roller stand, melting bench and polishing stations. Do not hesitate to change the lay-out of your jewelry workshop if it doesn't work for you. The cost and time spent will be well worth it to have a efficient working space on a daily basis.

Consider fabrication (bench area) and Jewelry Tools, the melting area, polishing, cleaning (tap / basin). Most important pay attention to safety features like fire-extinguishers and water hose. Where you will need gas and oxygen outlets and think of how it will be connected. Always have adequate supply of electricity outlets. Have your most used tools at arms reach. A tidy workshop bench will improve time and motion. Minimize small crevices where "stones can disappear' - a huge waste of time. You will spend many hours in your chair. Invest in your health by getting a good quality roller office chair for optimum comfort. Another important aspect is that you will be working with very small objects.  Pay extra attention to good lighting in your jewelry workshop area. 

Remember, the all important tip of documenting all your jewelry and building your jewelry catalog. The only way you will consistently do that is if you have a special area dedicated to jewelry photography next to a computer for efficient filling and record keeping. Your computer will also be handy for research and inspiration.

For more information on the jewelry workshop / bench follow the the free jewelry tutorial on planning and layout of a Mobile Workshop Bench link. And here are our Studio Pictures of the set-up and layout.

Many happy years spent in your comfortable jewelry workshop will aid you in producing your best work.


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