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Jewelry Trend     

Jewelry trends for 2006

The new jewelry trend for 2006 is one-of-a-kind designer jewelry. This opposite jewelry trend is in reaction to the mass-produced jewelry market. One-of-a-kind jewelry is a luxury item, that sets you apart from the crowd and expresses your individuality.

 Taking the luxury statement a step further shows trendy jewelry designs that are Bold in Gold. "Expressive" comes to mind.

Yellow gold is making a come-back, in it's own right. A combination of white and yellow gold is a versatile alternative. Circle shapes are hip. International jewelry trends are a driving force for the demand in higher caratage gold like 18ct, 22ct, and 24ct. Nothing equals the beauty of rich 24ct gold and in most cases actually compliments skin colour. We have always loved the warm tones of yellow gold. This is reflected in our latest jewelry designs and in past creations.

The beauty of One-of-a-kind jewelry is that that it is designed with you in mind and allows many options of style variations. Firstly a jewelry piece should stir all your senses. And then it should be an extension of your style and personality. If you keep this in mind your one-of-a-kind jewelry is not a passing jewelry trend, but a lasting jewelry treasure. Timeless elegance and style is the foundation to create your own expressive jewelry trend and style.

Jewelry Trends in Colour

Soft shades of blue to green features strong in jewelry trends this season. Think Caribbean Island break-away with all those shades of aqua to green. Our Larimar Collection is a perfect way to remind you of sun, sand and sea and indeed the current fashionable jewelry color.

Titanium is Trendy

This metal has been gaining popularity as of late. We have to admit that we have been working in titanium for the last fifteen years. This is not just a fashion fad...we love the metal! Mostly we work blued titanium in combinations with other metals to make one-of-a-kind art jewelry. See our Titanium Collection and read more about Titanium Jewelry. Our latest titanium creations are completely different in that we worked with the grey metal to create a Titanium Unisex Range.

Custom Order to update Jewelry Trends

You will always have that special piece of jewelry that never dates and that you love as is - fantastic! But what to do with that jewelry that is in a safe, stuck in a time warp, lost some of it's lustre? Lustre in jewelry is never lost. You can use your old jewelry to re-create a custom designed piece to specifically suit your style and add a modern twist to that dated style. One-of-a-kind custom made jewelry is all the rage now. Shopping carts just don't do justice to the process. Personal input is so important. We can arrange a electronic consultation with more specific details. For design ideas and jewelry trends look through our Jewelry Catalog where hundreds of design ideas can be viewed. Please contact us at for a consultation or professional jewelry advice.


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    Jewelry trend of bold gold rings         Bold chunky trendy jewelry!             Click for more details.


          Trendy circle pendants      Circle shapes are in fashion.                Click for more details.




Blue-green Larimar stone Pendant with dolphin on the reverse               Color trend in Jewelry - soft
blue to green.             
                                 Click for more details.


Titanium handmade rings Titanium Unisex Range and             For the Man-Titanium Designer Rings      Click for more details.


       Custom designed Engagement Ring             Custom Designed Engagement Ring                                                                         View Jewelry Gallery for ideas