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Green Tourmaline Ring      Plique-a-jour Jewelry Hans and Anne Meevis
Jewelry Designer of fine custom art jewelry

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Hans Meevis Designer Green Tourmaline Ring
Designer Green Tourmaline Ring to best set off the verdant green gemstone balanced with symmetry of the pavé accent diamonds added a classical touch with engraving from the Hans Meevis Collection.

Welcome to our online jewelry and art showcase....Beyond the Usual!

We love what we do! It is an all-consuming passion. We take great pride in the quality craftsmanship and our unique artistic jewelry designs and art creations.

The designer jewelry is skilfully hand-crafted, yet undeniably artistic with the blending of metals  like 18 carat gold, blue titanium, silver and purple gold.

Titanium Jewelry - Sportif Range
Titanium Pendant Geometric Design  Titanium Pendant Male Female Symbol   Titanium Pendant Open Circle Blue Design
Blued Titanium   geometric Pendant .... more details   Male - female symbol in Titanium ....more details Titanium open circle Diamond Pendant ...more details

Repousse Diamond Ring designed by Hans Meevis    Gem Carving Amethyst Ring Designer Hans Meevis   Diamond designer ring by Hans Meevis    Larimar Stone and Diamond Ring by Hans Meevis
Repousse Jewelry     Gem Carving   Jewelry Catalog   Larimar Jewelry

We strongly believe that "Knowledge is Power". Jewelry and the making thereof, has enriched our life enormously. Now we want to pay it forward and inspire others interested in becoming goldsmiths. Here, we always have an open door with no "goldsmithing secrets" policy. We will share information gladly.

The Jewelry Making Tutorials are written by Hans Meevis. He strives to break the jewelry tutorials down to a direct simplified working approach for students. These Step by Step Jewelry Tutorials have photographic illustrations together with detailed instructions and bench tips to explain the concept clearly. The Jewelry Making Class List is a comprehensive overview of all the available jewelry lessons. There is a wealth of information, some freely available, the extensive tutorials for a fee. Subjects from the efficient work flow on a bench, arranging tools, making jewelry components like six claw collets, detailed enameling instructions, repousse technique the making of rings and more.


Making a Six Claw Collet      Tool Tips - Gravity Soldering Clamp   Plique-a-jour Tutorial   Platinum Ring making Tutorial
Making  Six Claw Collet     Tool Tips - Soldering   Plique-a-jour   Making a Platinum Ring

Drill-Str8 mini drill press jewelers bench


The Drill-Str8 is designed to easily fit on a jewelers bench and instantly converts your flex shaft motor into a mini drill press and back again. The quick release clamp holds your flex shaft handpiece in posision. Several brands and handpiece sizes fit this universal quick release clamp. The Drill-Str8 is attached to the bench by c-clamp or dovetail bench system such as GRS® for quick and easy removal.  See this video demonstration How the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press Works  on your bench and easily integrates with a small footprint on your workbench.

Advantages of the Drill-Str8:
Precision Drilling
- Uses Your Existing Flex Shaft Motor
- Easy Bench Integration
- Economical Use Of Burrs
- Suitable For Many Flex Shaft Handpieces
- Multiple Functionality Like Glass Drilling, Polishing, And Wax Shaping

Click on the link to see more on product specification, pricing and shipping options of the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press.



You are unique! Celebrate your individuality by commissioning your very own bespoke jewelry piece. A beautiful, unique jewelry design with you in mind, evokes special  memories, reflects your style and sets you apart...

The secret to a successful collaboration, is to bring life to your ideas of a dream design, by having an innate ability to interpret spoken and unspoken  design wishes and then adding a dash of technical guidance to the mix. 

We will be more than happy to assist and guide you in making that exclusive one-of-a-kind jewelry piece, which is tailor made for you. Information and frequently asked questions are answered in the section how to go about to Order Jewelry which is custom made. These  Before/After Remodeling  images show many possibilities or contact us for a free consultation.

For those of you, that have a custom-designer jewelry wish list, browse through our extensive jewelry portfolio - Jewelry Catalog to get ideas and see our Custom Designed Jewelry.

Now is the time, while the gold price is high, to recycle your gold scraps and gems, and have a unique jewelry piece made for you, at a fraction of the cost, as can be seen in these Before /After Pictures of Remodeling Jewelry.

Bespoke Jewelry Samples - Custom designed




special custom ordered jewelry   Sentimental Pendant re-created from picture Custom Designed Titanium Wedding Rings   Before / After Jewelry Remodeling
Based on one of our Larimar gemstone designs, this pendant was custom made to  specifications and joint collaboration in silver fused with 14k gold.     Replacing sentimental jewelry from a photo. All we had was a grainy picture. Step by step we re-created this sentimental 18ct  Quartz pendant. These Titanium Wedding Bands were made from a rendering with exact specification and a some technical recommendations from us.   This Before / After Remodeling shows the dramatic changes bringing the pear-shape Ruby to life. A few small Rubies were added for an extra punch.


A natural progression followed into the arts, by a need to continually push the boundaries of goldsmithing skills to new heights. Limitless imagination in a fantasy world meets form and functionality, which are the foundation of the  Hans Meevis Art Creations. It is an alternative outlet and expression for Hans, the artist. 

  Fodiator Bow Sculpture by Hans Meevis   Cannon Bow Sculpture by Hans Meevis

  Fodiator Bow              Cannon Bow

 Hans Meevis Art Creations - Ptero Bow Sculpture

                        Ptero Bow


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