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Custom Jewelry - Custom Designed Jewelry

From time to time we will publish the latest Custom Jewelry on Commission
with the amazing stories of how they came about.

Custom designed jewelry is an intriguing blend of ideas, personalities interpretation and the physical transformation thereof. The result of collaborative work is hugely rewarding.

The most romantic, yet challenging project is the Engagement Ring.
When popping the question, you want the setting to be perfect
and a total surprise. The golden rule with custom designed jewelry, is
that the jewelry piece must reflect the wearers personality and style.
That is why we recommend a consultation with your future fiancée.
We get some much needed input from her, without her seeing the
final result. A happy surprise indeed.

More designs can be viewed at Custom Designed Jewelry Catalog. For further questions on How to Order Custom Jewelry Online read
up on the frequently asked questions covered in
Order Jewelry.


  A British couple visited our Studio on a previous
  occasion. She fell in love
  with the  Sea-green Tourmaline Ring, but had
  another idea. She had a  30 year old Kunzite of 10ct
  and wanted an over the top, in your face artistic
  Steven and Breehan wanted a custom designed
  Engagement Ring to suit Breehan's sporty lifestyle.
  An Engagement Ring was designed with a yellow
  Diamond as focal point, modernising the design
  without any prong settings.
  Hermien had this 34ct Amethyst in a very
  ordinary setting. The exact opposite of the
  flamboyant person she is. Together, we
  came up with this flower, leaf design,
  hugging one end of the gemstone, which
  balanced so well with the large Amethyst.
  Jeffery and Deborah toyed with the idea
  of marriage. Deborah fell in love with the
  Diamond Lamination ring. A matching, yet
  masculine band was made for Jeffery.
  Wonderful staff made a spur of the moment
  Wedding in Anguilla possible and very special.  
  Ed is an absolute romantic at heart. He
  ordered a custom made titanium pendant.
  It had an inscription and on one side.
  The reverse side is a Map of St. Martin.
  This was a surprise gift to his wife Sandra,
  to commemorate their visit to St. Martin.
 The commission of this Larimar pendant has the
  most amazing story behind it. It is based on a
  true life story which was made into a movie. The
  privately owned island called, Marina Cay can be
  found north-east of the British Virgin Island's
  capital Tortola.....
 A story lurks behind the decorative design of this
 pillbox. On a dive, the dive instructor indicated a  general area where a sea-horse had been spotted.
 Lost in her own world, Beverly determinedly looked
 until she found it. She turned around to share her
 find, only to find that her dive buddies abandoned
 her. The pillbox scene captures that moment in time.
 From the same pile of old gold, diamonds and
 Emeralds, Jack had cufflinks made in a deco style.
 This Sterling Silver and 14ct yellow gold whistle has
  been commissioned by a top class sailor. He wanted
  to have an aesthetically pleasing yet very loud and
  practical whistle.
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