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For the Man - Titanium Jewelry

Men's Titanium Jewelry Range

We've created a no-fuss man's Titanium Jewelry Range. Perfect for the man
that wants useful and discreet accessories. The design must speak of
sophistication and masculinity. For the man,Titanium Jewelry must stand
apart, yet compliment his other accessories. This Titanium Jewelry is
completely hand-crafted, in some cases made out of a solid plate of
titanium. The structured lines, durability and quality is designed to appeal
to a mans understated fashion sense and combine well with his other

Titanium Ring with 18ct Gold dome and Diamonds -  detail   Man's Titanium plate Ring with 18ct Gold and Diamonds  -  detail   Titanium Ring with inlay gold and pavé Diamonds - SOLD    detail
Titanium Ring with 18ct Gold join and Diamonds  -  detail   Man's Titanium Plate Ring with layered gold - US$1615 detail   Man's Titanium Plate Ring accented with diamond in gold - detail
Men's Titanium bangle with Diamonds pavé set into gold -    detail   Asymmetrical Man's Titanium Ring with 18ct gold inlay - SOLD   detail   Cable bangle  with gold accent -  detail
Titanium band with gold inlay -    detail       Elegant Titanium Ring with 18ct gold inlay -  detail

For the Ladies - Titanium Jewelry

These titanium rings were specially created with a feminine touch so the ladies have some choices too. Some of our Titanium Jewelry Range pieces can be made to be worn as matching Titanium Rings.             

Titanium Ring with blued centre and an oval Zircon set in 18ct Gold  detail   Titanium Ring with 18ct Gold sphere and Diamonds  -  detail   Titanium round band with gold inlay diamonds   detail


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